Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Internet is weapon?

Stuxnet computer virus which was discovered in June last year and is significantly worse off Iran's nuclear program is probably the work of American and Israeli experts. We are entering a new era in warfare with the mouse and keyboard?

This highly sophisticated malicious software is the first program that was created specifically for the purpose of causing serious harm to the physical world, warn experts in the security of computer systems. The worm has infected an unknown number of power plants, oil installations and factories, and spread through the  unknown holes in Windows and not just online, but he entered closed systems via USB's, etc.

Plants with Siemens machines were particular targeted because the worm is controls industrial components, including centrifuges, valves, brakes. Which leads to a failures. this shows that the creators of the worm very well knew how works certain industrial processes.

Stuxnet may be lurking in the system, wait for proper conditions and then give instructions industrial components, so that they then do the opposite of what they should work. Since it is very difficult to detect what piece of equipment is infected with, this piece of software is focused on the physical destruction and in some ways led the new era of war in a virtual space that is mapped to the real world.

In other words, cyber warfare does not lead more just in virtual spaces, but also in the real, physical world.

On that occasion, the British Times warns that the ongoing rapid militarization of the Internet. Although the Pentagon and U.S. National Security Agency had never admitted involvement in the development of cyber weapons, many believe that America is the leader in this mode of warfare that has already developed cyber weapons, of which Stuxnet is just a beginning. After all, the United States last year, a virtual space (cyberspace) and officially designated as the fifth military domain, in addition to land, air, sea and space. Mouse and keyboard are becoming a new weapon in world conflicts.

President Barack Obama said on that occasion that the U.S. digital infrastructure "strategic national asset" and appointed Howard Schmidt, former chief of security systems at Microsoft, as a manager in charge of cyber-security. In May last year, the Pentagon set up its new cyber command (Cybercom), led by Gen. Keith Alexander, director of the National Security Agency (NSA). His task is to defend U.S. military networks and attack "systems" of other countries. At that exact way and under what rules, military secret.

China, Russia, Israel, Britain, South Korea and other countries also have their own departments in the army who care about this aspect of warfare.

No more tranches.


  1. damn mna, imagine if war became some startcraft like shit lol

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  3. To answer your title. Yes it is :) It is used for a while now for different operations :)

  4. Well, the military and important industrial systems should be specifically kept OFF the general net. So long as they are accessible via the general net, they will be accessed when they shouldn't.

  5. Very interesting, the future of warfare will be cheaper anyway.

  6. They've already seen how viruses and ddos attacks can be very easily used to take down civillian websites. Why not turn it against a forgien government?
    Exciting times.

  7. Ugh. Computer viruses make me nauseous.

  8. It's depressingly amazing how warfare continues to develop as our society evolves.

  9. interesting stuff... makes me wonder how future wars will be fought lol


  10. wait.. ddos isn't a real cannon? cock.

    who's that dick leaving long-ass comments all over the place? what an ass hat.

  11. nice blog! Good stuff!

    clicked & followed... hit me back

  12. This is fascinating stuff, great write up

  13. I don't understand how one worm can alter so many different types of programs, unless it's some kind of gateway thing that just lets a remote user control those facilities. Damn.

    Also I miss your comments over at my blog D:

  14. cyber warfare scares me more man
    almost everything is based on computers these days

  15. People can be so stupid when using a computer that it is easier to attack them there, I guess.

  16. somebody set up us the bomb.

  17. oh god he pulled a laptop on me! give him the money! give him the money!

  18. Captain James from the 3rd Cybernetic Unit reporting to duty, sir. The malicious software was sent to, and was accepted by, the Chinese embassy without a problem. In three months, when it should get snugly fit into the Chinese secret files, it shall activate discreetly and we shall have knowledge on their military plans.


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