Sunday, January 9, 2011


I just discovered this page!

The Hate Book is a website where people can read and write about things they hate. You may find you use Hatebook to vent, to associate with others, take things in perspective, or even to find some humor in life.

First page of Hatebook

This is view of your profile.

Everybody hates you! :D
Your main page. You can see what others doing in that moment.

Your haters!

Evil map, see where your haters are.

You can go and see yourself. Just click HERE.

Enjoy :)


  1. hahaha oh man, im gonna sign up for this ish

  2. i like that, i still wont sign up though. Its the name, too close to Faceboo :)

  3. Haha that's fantastic, it's where I'll go when I need to blow off steam!

  4. I see this website being huge. I like it.

  5. Now they need to add the HateMail function so I can threaten more people easily. Future, you have arrived!

  6. hahah i feel like i'll get in trouble with one authoritative force or another if i use this site... lmao

    but you know what will never get you in trouble with an authoritative force? checking out my blog :D

  7. Hatebook--interesting idea. Thanks for the heads up on the blog for hip hop. I dance hip hop an hour to 2 hours a day for my workout and because it's a passion. Keeping up on new music I might dance to -- exciting! I put it on my blog list as recommended blogs.

  8. i smell a lawsuit coming on..

    yea me too but still pretty funny

  9. hahah hilarious idea
    gonna check it

  10. this is a great time to tell you how much i hate you

  11. lmao what a great site thanks for sharing this

  12. link corrected :) sry for you can go see hatebook :D


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