Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Laughing time: FML quotes!

If you didn't see my last post go here: Good old times: Scooby Doo its worth it :)

"Today, as I was walking into my apartment building, a douchebag leaned out his truck window and yelled, "HOW MUCH FOR A BJ?" He then pulled into a spot near my car. Apparently I have a charming new neighbor. FML"

"Today, I came home from work to find my five year old daughter drawing unicorns on the wall. The same wall that I had to repaint last week because it had puppies on it. FML"

"Today, I went shopping with my parents. Halfway through, I got separated from them and tried to call them only to find out my cell phone battery was flat. A few minutes later, an announcement was made for a lost child. It was by my parents. I'm 36. FML"

"Today, I was putting my 2 year old to bed, and I began to sing to her. She reached up, put her finger over my lips, and said, "Shhh, Mommy, no more please." FML"

"Today, my boyfriend came over with a broken engraved bracelet that I paid 50 dollars for. I was so angry but when I stated "I am going to call them and get a new one!" my boyfriend said back to me "No it's okay, I didn't really like it anyways." It was for our 2 year anniversary. FML "

 "Today, I told my parents that I wanted a little brother. My dad apparently though it would be funny to tell me that my mom just swallowed my little brother. FML"

"Today, my boyfriend, who doesn't wear deodorant and has horrible dandruff, decided to shower for the first time in nearly a week because he got invited out to a bar. He didn't even invite me to go with him. FML "

"Today, I learned that everyone at college was calling me "Parallel Lines" because I've got an unibrow and an apparent hairiness over my mouth. By the way, I'm a girl. FML"

"Today, my fiancé told me it was a mistake to propose to me. FML"

 "Today, my boyfriend, who is a great cook, decided to try his hand at baking. The cookies he made looked weird but tasted good. I jokingly said, "They taste great, but they look awful!" He responded by saying, "I could say the same thing about you..." FML"

"Today, when I got home from work, my fiance was finishing up with the plumber who had just installed new fixtures for our shower. I decided that I was going to be the first to break it in. I went to the bathroom, got undressed and went to start the water. The OTHER plumber was still in there. FML "

For more quotes visit: FML

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Enjoy and shere some love.


  1. i got to get one of these in a conversation

  2. the mom swallowing the brother one. its gold. haha.

  3. I just wasted a lot of time reading an article about depressing quotes. FML.

  4. I love FML so much. Gives me something to do when i'm bored at work lol.

  5. Hahah I haven't been on FML in a while. I forgot how funny some of them are!

  6. Oh dear. Some of these are hilarious and some of these just make me depressed. I don't know whether to smile or cry. @_@


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