Sunday, December 12, 2010

Bizzare TV commercials (part 1)

(I didn't see until today that link above was broken, now is fixed. But lets go now on our topic:))

Today I bring for you 10 strangest, most bizarre television commercials from 2010. Choice wasn't easy so take a look on winners.

Number 10:
Have you ever seen a man who has sung with such passion for pigs? The singer is singing about the beauty and exquisiteness of pork. Unfortunately, the client Utah State Fair has been refused ad justifying this call with the wrong choice of actor.

Number 9:

There is nothing more beautiful than the natural smell of the vagina. At least, say the German company's Vice, which is responsible for producing organic fragrances Vulva Original, in which men, apparently, ends up like crazy. Well, after this you don't longer need to steal your neighbor dirty panties and smell them hidden in the dark, only one drop is enough to get you to the top.

Number 8:

Continuing with human gases. So who would not after these commercials ran to the drugstore and bought a bag full Luftala? Perhaps those who prefer the effect of natural Jacuzzis. In any case, without Luftala is fun guaranteed.

Number 7:

Do not forget the stench. Pickled stink fart can threaten any relationship, including marriage. To your beloved again lure into bed and secure the strained relationship (you are guilty because you have a dream farts like a ferret, and your love that led to exhaustion) you need to buy Better Marriage Blanket! Special overlay that does not smell leaking from your ass.

Number 6:

One head likes a Rubik's cube, juice and the message: 'The brain can get the best results when it is hydrated. Stay soaked. " Five plus for the idea, but watching commercials is not recommended to young children.

This is all for this time. We stopped on Number 6. Tomorrow the best part is coming.

Enjoy and stay tuned!


  1. Haha great selection. Looking forward for tomorrow

  2. Niiice pick of choices. The state fair video creeped me out tho.

  3. number 9? i cant believe this is for real

  4. hahahaha, haven't laughed this hard in a while... lost on 8 and 9 for some reason

  5. It's really quite strange what they put on TV these days, but I guess it really helps advertisers if they get that additional word of mouth advertising going too.

  6. I seriously have to think about what could possibly top bottled vagina.

  7. Wow, I need the better marriage blanket. My bed stinks of stale farts.

  8. They used to call guys who sniff girl's bicycle seats "snurges". It wasn't considered a good thing.

  9. haahahaha the first one...unreal

  10. WTF!?! If the strangeness progresses through the list, I'm not sure I want to see #1.


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