Sunday, December 19, 2010


Men of Courage

This is second part of serial Commandos. The game places the player in command of a squad of commandos and various allies as he sneaks behind enemy lines to accomplish his objectives. The action stretches from 1941 to 1945 and takes place on both the Western Front against the Germans and the Pacific theater against the Japanese.

There are 8 playable characters, each character has unique weapons and skills: 

Jack O'Hara, (The Green Beret) is the Irish sergeant with his signature codename "Butcher". In the game, he is the toughest and the only commando strong enough to lift heavy loads like fuel barrels and boxes. He can also stab enemies with his knife and bury himself in most soft surfaces.

Sir Francis T. Woolridge, (The Sniper) is a British operative under the name "Duke". In the game, he is the teams sharpshooter.

Samuel Perkins, (The Driver) an American operative known as "Tread". He is the only commando who can drive tanks, set various traps and throw Molotov cocktails, stun grenades, or smoke grenades.

Thomas Hancock, (the Sapper) a British operative under the name "Inferno". He is an expert in explosives and heavy weapons such as flamethrowers and bazookas. He is also the only commando who can fire the turret of a tank.

James Blackwood, (The Marine) an Australian operative known as "Fins". He can dive underwater and stay under indefinitely using his scuba gear, and is the only one who can pilot rowing boats. He can also use a grappling hook and throw knives.

René Duchamp, (The Spy) a French operative known as "Frenchy". He can disguise himself as any enemy soldier or officer, and can not only distract enemies, but order lower ranking ones to look a certain direction or walk to nearby places. He cannot punch out enemies, but can use a poison syringe to daze, knock-out or even kill his opponents.

Natasha Nikochevski, (The Seductress) is a Soviet operative from Kyiv who is known as "Lips". In the game, she can distract enemy soldiers and dress as enemy operatives, but only when generals or SS are not present. She can also use a sniper rifle.

 Paul Toledo, (The Thief) a French operative known as "Lupin". He is the smallest, the sneakiest and fastest, and can climb certain walls and jump through windows. He can also lockpick boxes and certain doors and knock opponents out with a roundhouse kick, but he can't tie them up.

And for end here is one gameplay:

Enjoy :)


  1. That looks pretty good. I missed it back in the day - didn't play any games until about 2004.

  2. They need to start coming out with more games like this. Or just something new and refreshing anyway. FPS has become nothing more than copypasta these days.

  3. They sure don't make them like they used to.

  4. the graphics on this game are amazing despite how old it is, good post.

  5. I remember this game. It was cool, played it alot. Good post

  6. yeah i also played the shit out of that one

  7. Looks good! I don't think I've played this one before...

  8. that green beret is a real badass. even rambo couldn't lift fuel barrels.

  9. First dude pictured reminds me of GungHo from GIJOE.


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