Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Presenting: Evil Genius

Are you ever bored in games where you are a positive character? I'm, so I found this game, it called EVIL GENIUS. You are a short evil person (based on Mini Me) trying to conquer the world. Your final goal is world domination. At first you start whit one outdoor safe with 100 000 dollars. First what you must do is to build a underground base.

World screen
But 100 000 dollars are not sufficient for everything what you need. So you must build control room from where you can send your minions to steal across the globe. 
You have different types of minions, simple working minions, military, scientist, social and special minions, each one has different role in your base. For example scientist minions will repair things, experimenting etc. Every minion group has a 4 lvls. Maximum number of minions is 100 (so you must balance all types, because all types are needed) .Special minions are your personal bodyguards and they are most powerful and have special abilities. Sometimes you must kill them to prove a point and rise loyalty.
Minions training (military)
Special minion
Minions screen at start

Your enemies are whole world divided in parties. So they are trying to stop your plan sending a officers, military or special agents. Special agents are most dangerous for you. They are quick, have special abilities and they are strong. You cannot held them in prison because they will escape and then you will have problem deep inside in your base.

Another awesome thing is traps. You can secure your base with varius types of traps but if you have too much traps your minions with low awernes will trigger them out, and will be killed, thats bad thing when a trap kills a minion whic was only one of his kind. See a video for few traps.

Another good thing is that every single part of the base can be researched and from it you can get better prats. For example your scientist explore a generator and from it he will make a better generator and finally nuclear reactor. But what I love most are the new traps. Research part comes later in the game.

Research screen
One of the research machines. (also can be used for torturing)

At the half of the game your generated heat and wanted level in the World becomes too big, and you have option to escape on new island (basically is not an option because is needed to finish game). On new island you have big hole inside of the base where you must install nuclear rockets. First island is a desert place, and second is rainforest.Look at gameplay vid:

I played this game 3 times. It's fun, relaxing and most important for me that I can be a BAD GUY :)
Some more screens:
Control room
Morgue and enemy's tagged for brainwashing.
Torturing of special agent.
I hope you will try this lovely game.

Enjoy leave a comment and come Back :)


  1. do what u want couse a pirate is free!You're a Pirate!!
    cool!suppin bro :)
    check both my blogs are interesting! ;)

  2. very nice!

    I support and follow u! :)

  3. totally gonna try this out ^^ heard about it some while ago but forgot what it was called :D

  4. played this before, the graphics isn't really great but the goal of the game is awesome! haha

  5. Not too hip on it from the looks of it, but it's still cool to have the option to play as a nefarious genius rather than the traditional "good guy" role.

  6. looks like a crazy sim 3! jokes it looks pretty decent really =D

  7. isuse koliki ti je post xD, kod bratica sam na kompu, ostalo mi 5 megabajta -.-' od 15

  8. i would play this, cool! thanks for the review!

  9. Haha, I agree with you there, buddy! It's an amazing game!

  10. That seems like a pretty cool game. I might give it a try if I run into some extra $.

    Nice blog btw, /follow =]

  11. oh man i remember this game its really good XD

  12. will try this when I get that chance!

  13. i'll just leave this support here


  14. this game is a good time-waster if you have absolutely nothing else to do, but not a must have.

  15. Like dungeon master, only modern/scifi.

  16. Interesting post, lots to think about. Sup&Fol

  17. inteerrrrrressting.......verrrryyy intttteeerrressstting

  18. I can say that, yes, i was once addicted to this game.

  19. I don´t like the graphics but it seems deep! and addicting!

  20. definitely gonna check it out

  21. I dont think im going to play that


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