Friday, September 17, 2010

Good old times: Tom and Jerry

It's the classic tale of cat and mouse. Tenacious Tom is forever on the tail of his elusive nemesis, Jerry.
Tom and Jerry is a cartoon of my childhood. Probably everybody who has born before 90is were watching that cartoon in theirs childhood. I can say that Tom and Jerry is a one of best cartoons ever. Cartoon has 4 seasons with approximately 60 episodes. I will bring up the very first one episode of this magnificent artwork.

Tom is known as "Jasper" in this short. Jerry as Jinx. (theirs first names)

When i was a child sometimes i didn't like that mouse win every single time :D

Many games was developed  based on this cartoon. I was preferring one from SEGA (or Nitendo :D): Tom and Jerry (& Tuffy). First you are in the basement and your goal is to free Tuffy from attic. You must go trough every level of the house to save Tuffy (basement, kitchen, living room, water pipes, woodwork, gas pipes) . And Tom will do everything to stop you. It's hard and addictive game. Be aware of spiders, bees, worms, wind and many other dangers.

The sound is disabled, enable it with S :) (refresh if you don't see the game)
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Start: Enter
Select: Space
Pause: P
Rewind: Backspace
Mute sound: S
Options: Esc
Save: C
Load: L

For Playing is most important:
X: Jump
Z: Throw babbles (weapon)
and Arrows

I recommend you to go to Options with ESC and change controls how you wish. (refresh it if doesn't work)

Enjoy and Follow :)


  1. Dam I miss the old cartoons so much :(

    They dont make shows like that anymore

  2. i miss tham to old cartoons are just great.supp mate

  3. I remember these. So violent yet entertaining. Now we have etc.

  4. great post, keep up the good work =)

  5. Tom Jasper and Jerry Jinx whaaat

  6. i always enjoy funny things.Follow and u got my full support.

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  8. nice post!
    i love it ;)
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  9. Ah suporting ,following and clicking! <-- more than words!actually useful stuff!

  10. I like!

    Supporting! Support me.

  11. Amazing show, I loved the first movie too

  12. Nostalgia xD

    great blog, following you!

  13. Tom and Jerry was THE cartoon back in the day but sad to say they've ruined it now with the remakes and what not. Thank you man for helping me to relive this sweet, sweet moment!

  14. followin and supportin! great blog btw

  15. Ah yes, the good old days of youth.

  16. one of the greatest cartoons ever. im an adult and still watch this from time to time just for a blast from the past.

  17. nice blog followin' and supportin'

  18. I used to watch Tom and Jerry so much! I heart them.
    supporting and following

  19. Nostalgia'd hard, they dont make the toons like they used to

  20. whoa, i've never heard of NESCafe. That's pretty freakin cool!


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