Saturday, November 6, 2010

Back in time: Sim City 2000

It was my favorite game back than. Sim City 2000 was developed by Maxis and released in 1993 for MAC and PC DOS. It is a simulation, city building game. Game has offered many options like building highways, roads, train, buildings, shops etc etc, everything what one big city was needed could be built. I remember how I spent days of my life on this game. With pipeline and subway system, with natural and other catastrophes.

In 1994, Maxis released a slew of expansions for the already popular SimCity 2000. One of these was a scenario package which include a number of disaster scenarios ranging from the fictitious (such as a UFO attack in future Atlanta, Georgia) to real world disasters, such as Great Flood of 1993. This pack included:
  • Atlanta: A UFO attack devastates Atlanta in December 2050, causing widespread panic and setting the city ablaze.
  • Barcelona: Terrorists have planted a nuclear bomb beneath the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, where the 1992 Summer Olympics are going to be held. Right in the middle of the games, the bomb is detonated. The stadium and everyone inside are instantly vaporized and much of Barcelona is obliterated. Thousands are killed and the entire city is contaminated with radiation.
  • Chicago: A major chemical spill routes the industrial sector of 1999 Chicago into an exodus of sorts, forcing the city to rebuild its corporate sector.
  • Davenport: Massive amounts of rainfall instigate the flooding of the Mississippi River in 1993. This scenario recreates the Davenport incident.
  • Homestead, Florida: A major hurricane, based on Hurricane Andrew, has devastated a 1992 Homestead. Fortunately, FEMA funds have finally arrived.
  • Malibu: In the fall of 1993, Southern California was ravaged by terrible forest fires. This scenario recreates the infamous Malibu incident.
  • Manhattan: Manhattan's efficient nuclear power station has a major meltdown in October 2007, sweeping the city with chemical fires and radiation.
  • Oakland: In 1991, Oakland suffers a fire destroying some of the city and the player must rebuild it. This references to the Oakland Fire in 1991.
  • Portland: A summer's day in 2001 Oregon is interrupted when a previously unknown wellspring of volcanic activity erupts right in downtown Portland, destroying a large portion of the city.
  • San Francisco: In October 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake single-handedly demolished many areas of Santa Cruz. Of the areas affected, San Francisco also suffered extensive damaged, including many fires caused by erupting gas mains. This is a recreation of that particular disaster.
  • Silicon Valley: The high-tech society of the 2010 Silicon valley is hit hard when its futuristic power source goes awry - microwave beams transferring solar energy from an orbital satellite miss their intended receiver and instead incinerate many businesses and people in the area.
  • Washington, D.C.: A fictitious day in 1995 is beset with hordes of drunken lawyers causing riots and mayhem.
I played every scenarios for several of times. Even now when newer Sim Citys are released my opinion is that Sim City 2000 has some things better resolved.

Enjoy and Come Back :).


  1. I remember this game it was so much fun... we also had sim tower which was equally as fun!

  2. I remember this, looking at the graphics now they look poor, but back then they were pretty good.

  3. I didn't play this very much, but I wish I had. I always used to play the "Tycoon" games, though, like Rollercoaster Tycoon. I still love that game. :)

  4. My Uncle loved this game when he got his first PC in 97'

  5. i played this a lot back in the day...


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