Monday, November 7, 2011

We are back!

For the first post after so long time i will remind you on my previous posts, because there is so much of them I will pick top 5 by my own choice.

So lets start!

5th place goes to:

Number 5

oh how much i love FML site!

Who know Dexter and Dee Dee, everybody. So lets remind what is this about:

Number 4


Number 3

Conquer the Europe, be the greatest ruler of all time!

Number 2

We all love cowboys, we all hate Dalton's. Go Lucky Luke, smoke that cigar and bring us fun!


Stay Tuned!
Tomorrow, we are presenting GOOD OLD TIMES, AGAIN!


  1. i will stay tuned, this is awesome!

    comment my latest article, thanks.,

  2. last post was post will be February. ha


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